15 Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom

The expectations of a bathroom vary from one individual to the other. While some just want a place to make themselves clean, to others, it is a refuge away from the rest of the world; a place where we can recharge and luxuriate behind closed doors.

While we are enthusiastic towards making our bathrooms up to date, standard and meet up with our expectations of it; it is not fair for us to spend a considerable amount of our time and money and become unsatisfied with the outcome in a few months after. if you’d like to see some amazing looking bathrooms click here to see how Cover Glass USA N. California uses there sliding glass doors to completely change the look of your bathroom

Below are fifteen common mistakes usually made when renovating bathrooms.

1.    Failing to make arrangements for sufficient lighting

2.    Not planning adequately

3.    Sticking to trends and fads

4.    Deciding to do-it-yourself

5.    Placing the toilet first when you enter into the bathroom

6.    Waiting until the contractor arrives before getting necessary materials and fixtures ready

7.    Remodeling the bathroom to a style that is different from the rest of the house will make it seem like a square peg in a round hole.

8.    Not incorporating an adequate number of shelves, cupboards, and hooks to serve as storage space.

9.    Having an unrealistic budget

10.    Placing pressure on the contractor to wrap up the project immaturely

11.    Not making adequate arrangements for proper ventilation

12.    Mismatching the features in different materials or complimenting color shades and textures

13.    Using a clumsy layout

14.    Improper drainage for the shower and bathtubs which might not fit into your existing home’s floor drainage layout

15.    Starting renovation without a clear plan and outline of the final projected look

No man is an island of knowledge, and it is very easy to go wrong when renovating bathrooms even for the most experienced remodeler. The above are fifteen of the most common mistakes you can easily make on your next bathroom renovation.

Tips On Creating Your Ideal Home Office

Many business owners started their business journey from their home in any tiny corner of the house having equipment and furniture they already have. This will allow them to start their business at low cost and gain high business growth. If you are seeking how to create an ideal, functional home-based office; in this article, we will discuss in detail how you can make your home-based office. Here are some of the best ideas to create an ideal, functional home office.

Things to consider

It is so important for you to consider a permanent home based office to maximize productivity. You can redesign your existing home-based office and it can inspire and re-energize you. Below are some important things to consider while re-designing or setting up a brand new home office.

Office Space

Your desk or a kitchen table into a corner of the room is a good place to start your home based business journey. When you grow up your business, it is time to design an office that supports your rapid growth. Moving off the dining table each night is not a good idea and it can get old soon.

The ideal place for your home-based office is a place with a proper door and free of distractions. It will make it easy for you to divide personal time-space and working time space and creates a great work-life balance. A separate place for your home-based office is must for you that can separate the regular living from the office space.


Many business owners set up their home office in the basement section of their home. This is not good at all, because you can’t get natural lighting. However, if you do not have enough space you can set up your office in dark areas with proper lighting. Good quality lighting is important to light up your work area and room too. Light can avoid eye strain and it boosts your mind.

Decorate to Motivate and Inspire

Even when you work at home, it can get you dull and tedious. Drab home-based offices can sap your energy levels and make it hard for you to work. Always paint your home-based office decorate it with paintings, posters, etc. A well-decorated home office encourages you and gives you the joy to work smoothly.

Set Up For Latest Functions

Home-based offices require lots of technology these days, always set up the furniture to easily reach to the equipment’s you need. Set up all your tools and furniture to help you during work. It includes your bookcase, desk, file cabinet or anything else you required.

Layout Ides to Consider

Below is a list of some of the beautiful layout ideas for your considerations:

  • Traditional Desk
  • L-Shape Desk
  • Desk With Shelves or Hutches
  • T-Shaped Desk
  • Galley Design
  • U-Shape Desk
  • Standup Desk

These are the best layout ideas if you want to make your home office look stunning and gives you great feeling and comfort of an office instead of home feeling. Consider these layout designs and make your home office lo0ok more decent.